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Freckles Chapter 3: Baby Fame~One Direction Fanfic
Chapter 3: Baby Fame
(Niall's POV)
"I love you too Charlotte...I love you too." I held her close to my chest. Pregnant. I just couldn't believe it was real. I just wish I could tear Harry into a million pieces. First, he broke her heart and now she's pregnant with his baby. He cheated and broke her, now he inpregnanted her and will cause her even more pain, this kind physical. Oh, if only she knew what I said was true. I love her. I love her with all my heart, and not just in a sisterly way. I love her like a lover, a partner. I always want to see her happy, not hurt like Harry made her. I want to feel her kisses, hold her hand, cuddle her, be there for her always. I want her to be mine. I always have, but Harry got there first. All he did was tear her into shreds. It doesn't matter anyway because she only sees me as a friend. We part away from each other, which this snaps me back in reality, and she smiles up at me. Its funny, she looks up at me and shes only an inch shorter than me.
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Freckles: One Direction Fanfiction Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Big news
(Charlotte's POV)
"What am I going to do Liam! Me and Harry are split up and I'm pregnant with his baby! This is going to ruin his career and the fans already hate me enough! Gosh what am I going to do.." I sobbed louder and Liam shushed me more. "You don't positively know that yet. We need to go get a test." I looked at him with tears in my eyes and he helped me up. We exited the bathroom, his arms around my waist and my arms around his neck. We sneaked past Niall's room and found Danielle sleeping on the couch. Liam grabbed his keys and we slowly exited the house trying not to wake anyone. "Liam, what if I am pregnant? Do I keep it?" "I don't know but it's your decision, not mine." Liam open the car door for me and I just sighed. First Harry and I break up and then I find out I'm pregnant. What a great way to start a morning. Liam drove until we hit the closes little mini mart. We enter to find that no one but the old cashier was there so Liam could take off the h
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Freckles: One Direction Fanfiction
Chapter 1: A whole bunch of crying
( Charlotte's POV)
"Charlotte, talk to me. Please." I heard Harry said. I was just to heartbroken to even look at him."Please Char, please." My anger suddenly got to me. I turned around and screamed, "About what Harry! About how you cheated on me?! Again?!? I trusted you, after you did it the first time! You promised me you'd never do it again and I believed you! I just... just can't believe you'd do it to me again. After all you put me through! I gave you everything Harry! I gave my heart to you and you repay me by doing it with some chick you didn't even know! I'm done Harry. I'm done..." I burst into tears and he started to come towards me. "Look Charlotte, I was drunk and so was she. I had no clue what was going on. I'm sorry." he tried to hold me and I stood up and screamed at him again. "Don't do it Harry! Please don't try and tell me this story again! I'm sure you were drunk and stuff but that doesn't make it ok, and for the second time! Harry
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ONE DIRECTION AS GIRLS- TD STYLE by kaylee2899 ONE DIRECTION AS GIRLS- TD STYLE :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 19 8
My best friend, Louis Tomlinson- Chapter 2
Chapter 2: A New place to Stay
(Kammi's POV)
    I woke up again later that morning but, instead of being in Louis' arms, I was alone. I looked over at his alarm clock and it read 10:24 AM. I got up from the bed and made my way out of the room. I rounded the corner of the hallway to see Louis and Harry sitting on the couch watching tv."Morning, love." Harry said. "Morning, Harry." I said in my I-just-woke-up voice. "Morning, Kammi." Louis said eyes glowing like the sun. "Morning to you too, Louis." I plopped down onto the loveseat. " Why are you guy watching Final Destination 5 at 11 AM?" I looked over at Louis and Harry and waiting for a response. "Why whats wrong with final destination?" Louis said in a inoccent tone."You know exactly why Lou! I can't watch these types of films!" I squealed. I was, and always will be, scared of horror flicks."Oh, yes. I forgot you hate final destination. Harry turn it up a bit.." Louis giggled like a school-girl. "L
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My best friend, Louis Tomlinson- Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Happy Birthday!
(Kammi's POV)
       "Alex! Louis! Guys let me in!" I shrekied standing outside my brother, Alex's, door. He was in his room hanging out with his best friend Louis. "Go away Kammi!" Alex yelled from inside the room. They were 10 and I was 8. "I'm telling mom, Alex!" I said and then Louis opened the door and stepped out. "What's up Kam?" He said as he closed the door behind him. "Can you please tell Alex to give me back my barbie, Lou." I said. Louis just smiled at me and said, " Ok. Be right back." He then entered back into Alex's room. In about a second he came back out with my barbie. "Thanks Louis." I said and hugged him. He hugged me back and then left me alone in the hallway. I went back to my room to play with my barbies and thought about Louis. 
   "Kamelia. Wake up!" I heard my aunt Laura say. "Come on get up, get up!" She said rushing from my room to my cousin Alison's room. I got up and
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Untitled Drawing by kaylee2899 Untitled Drawing :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 1 4 Zoey, The Little Mermaid by kaylee2899 Zoey, The Little Mermaid :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 42 6 Zoey: 20 years old by kaylee2899 Zoey: 20 years old :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 8 6 Crush! by kaylee2899 Crush! :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 8 12 Lindsay: She's Got Style- Never Shout Never by kaylee2899 Lindsay: She's Got Style- Never Shout Never :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 7 0 Killer Zoey by kaylee2899 Killer Zoey :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 7 3 Zoey and Mike's Children: Alyson and Zac by kaylee2899 Zoey and Mike's Children: Alyson and Zac :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 6 17 Zoey:Set Fire to the Rain-Adele by kaylee2899 Zoey:Set Fire to the Rain-Adele :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 17 9 Fionna Total Drama style by kaylee2899 Fionna Total Drama style :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 6 1 Anastasia: The Ice Princess of Ooo... by kaylee2899 Anastasia: The Ice Princess of Ooo... :iconkaylee2899:kaylee2899 10 6


Under the sunset by Wine-River Under the sunset :iconwine-river:Wine-River 66 28 Beauty in the mirror by JediJaceon Beauty in the mirror :iconjedijaceon:JediJaceon 43 6 Doey - The Little Mermaid by Vity-Dream Doey - The Little Mermaid :iconvity-dream:Vity-Dream 131 69 Doey - Back to the 50's by Vity-Dream Doey - Back to the 50's :iconvity-dream:Vity-Dream 106 53 Zoey - Pretty Little Dress - Total Drama by EvaHeartsArt Zoey - Pretty Little Dress - Total Drama :iconevaheartsart:EvaHeartsArt 194 18 Total Drama Zoke - Alone At Last... by EvaHeartsYou Total Drama Zoke - Alone At Last... :iconevaheartsyou:EvaHeartsYou 132 71 Good night...Zoey by JediJaceon Good night...Zoey :iconjedijaceon:JediJaceon 139 27 Zoey as Belle by JediJaceon Zoey as Belle :iconjedijaceon:JediJaceon 100 12 Total Drama: Doey by TheTDChronicler Total Drama: Doey :iconthetdchronicler:TheTDChronicler 33 22 Focus by 52699074 Focus :icon52699074:52699074 18 3 Love Will Find A Way by JediJaceon Love Will Find A Way :iconjedijaceon:JediJaceon 103 20 ''Someday I'll be part of your world'' by td-catherine ''Someday I'll be part of your world'' :icontd-catherine:td-catherine 32 11 I'm here for you by marex184 I'm here for you :iconmarex184:marex184 45 18 Total Drama Next Generation: Maddie by pippastrelle13 Total Drama Next Generation: Maddie :iconpippastrelle13:pippastrelle13 29 4 TDROTI girls clothes swap by lucyferb TDROTI girls clothes swap :iconlucyferb:lucyferb 209 51


Hey. As most directioners know Louis' been having trouble on twitter and if you don't well go look at his twitter then come back here (sorry if that sounded rude, wasn't meant to be). I can't stand that people do that to the boys. Louis mum and Eleanor are victims of stupid bullshit and rumors. That really needs to stop. All the boys ever wanted to do was make people happy singing and doing what makes them happy or they just wanted to simply hang out with their best friend and it not be a secret relationship. Louis' twitter issue today was tragic and everything he said was meant and really needed to be said. All those tweets from those pricks are horrible and disgusting! Plasticbieber told his mum that she should have aborted Louis!!! I am still pouring tears out of my eyes for that. It's sick, it really is. There are some really sick and mean people in this world and they simply don't care about others feelings. It pisses me off. I respect Louis and his mum for telling those a-holes off. They deserved it. I could rant for hours on the subject of just this. Not to mention the Larry stylinson issue! If they say it's not real ITS MOST LIKELY NOT FREAKING REAL!!! HOW HARD IS IT TO UNDERSTAND THAT?! I mean seriously?? I like Larry stylinson too but Gosh. I mean everything I just said came from the heart and Im just really disappointed that people would do that to Louis or any of the boys. Their family friends and girlfriends deserve none of the hate they get. If you really are a directioner you wouldn't freaking disrespect what they love and what's important to them. Like seriously. We are REALLY going to push them to the limit that they want to be safe and keep their family and friends safe so they will quit the band. Luckily the boys are stronger and held on much longer than other boy bands. We just need to slow our roll and chill for a bit. It's fine to like Larry stylinson but keep it to a minimum, ovi the boys don't want to hear about it, so why make them unhappy? You can not like their girlfriends if you want but don't freaking send death threats and shit like that. Its freaking creepy and scary. Sorry for my ranting I'm done now. Goodbye and goodday.


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IDK I just kinda like One Direction and Marina okay


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